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Finally, a Modern Way to Sell Your Horse.

An online marketplace built just for horses.

With the power of community and like-minded horse enthusiasts, get your horse in front of serious buyers. No middle-man.



Connect with committed, serious buyers through Remuda's vetted community of equine lovers. No more time-wasters.



Experience true freedom to list any horse type or breed. Remuda provides a limitless marketplace.


Specific Features

Benefit from features designed specifically for horse selling, like in-depth profiles, pedigree info, and photo galleries.



Enjoy the efficiency of online selling combined with the integrity of a handshake deal. It's personal, warm, and modern.

The ultimate equine marketplace and community

A place for more than just selling your horse. Build a list of contacts, socialize, list and sell all from the same easy-to-use app.

Marketplace for your passion

Share and sell all things equine as an individual or business.
Communicate with the western industry all in one app.

Share and find great deals.
Trustworthy and fun.

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Be social.

Snap, tap, and share all your most precious moments with equine lovers just like you.

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Business Profiles

Set up a business profile and get to selling.

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The easiest way to buy and sell equine, tack, and equipment.

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Easiest way to connect with fellow equine enthusiasts.



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A marketplace built for enthusiasts

A marketplace to sell, buy, list, socialize, and

Sell your horse today.

In just a few steps, you can effortlessly list your horse and get in front of serious buyers that love equine.

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Premium Posts

Use our currently FREE premium posts and get quicker and more effective results on your listed items.

List Globally

Sell anywhere in the world right inside the Remuda app. Just enter a generic or exact address and publish.

Horse Features

Listings features designed specifically around selling horses making it easy to get everything you need in one place.

Connect Through the App

Buyers can reach out to you directly however you prefer them too.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I list a horse in the marketplace?

Step 1: Download or login to the Remuda app
Step 2: Navigate to the Marketplace
Step 3: Click the plus icon to add a listing and choose horses
Step 4: Add your horse information including images, horse breed, price, description, and more.
Step 5: Add the location and how you'd like potential buyers to contact you. You can choose phone or email.
Step 6: Post!

What locations can I list my horse for sale?

Our app is available worldwide, you can list your horse in any location!

Can buyers buy my horse in the Remuda app?

No. Currently buyers need to contact you directly to arrange the final purchasing details.

Why should I sell my horse on Remuda instead of other platforms?

Unlike other platforms, Remuda offers a hassle-free environment for selling horses, with no unnecessary regulations or posts being deleted due to equine sales. You can confidently showcase your horses without the fear of your listings being taken down. Also, you will be joining a community of like-minded individuals who share your passion for the equine world. Potential buyers will understand your equine lingo, appreciate the unique qualities of your horses, and will be genuinely interested in making a purchase.

Is the app safe to use?

Yes! Remuda does not sell your data and only has the data that you willingly allow to be publicly posted. Unlike the larger social and marketplace platforms, all posts and listings are moderated manually by a human. This allows for us to keep a friendly and safe community for all ages and invokes the passion that the equine business is founded upon.

In the Equine Business?

We have business profiles built just for you. List your business in the app and be found by thousands!

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